Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shrek Invades the Beautiful People has been stormed by about 30,000 not-so beautiful registrations last month. A virus called Shrek, named for the funny looking green monster of filmdom, allowed 30,000 "ugly" people into the exclusive site. is a dating website exclusively for the use of "beautiful men and women," where members select and exclude those who did not match their definition of good looks.
Every applicant must pass a "rating" stage when existing members vote whether the applicants are beautiful enough to join. Those whose appearances receive a majority of positive votes are welcomed as official members to the site and people who failed to attract enough votes from their looks may resubmit with a better profile picture and more interesting profile text, according to the Beautifulpeople site.
When the virus took away the rating module, anyone was allowed access to the site. The dating site received tens of thousands of new registrants over a six-week period last month which made the administration and some of the members suspicious.

The site quickly acted on the damage that the Shrek Virus has caused. The 30,000 people who were wrongly admitted were put back into the rating module so that original members may vote on who will be accepted.