Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iOS 5 (Iphone OS 5)

Apple’s latest mobile operating system  “iOS 5” for iPhones and iPads includes 1,500 new APIs with which developers can make more powerful applications.

According to, the new operating system features Android-style notifications, full twitter integration, camera shortcuts for quicker concert photos, cord-cutting and better blog reading.

On the android-style notification, the website states this is a major improvement “because viewing notifications with a thumb-swipe means no more intrusions while viewing videos or listening to your favorite music apps.”
The website says cord cutting, called “post-PC era”, means “that music-centric people who like iOS devices for their music capabilities but also generally hate computers, such as Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, can finally use iOS without becoming computer users.”

Meanwhile, some reports question Apple for integrating Twitter instead of Facebook.  It is also said that with iOS 5, users can use the volume up button to take a quick photo.

 “The first thing to check out with the new notifications setup is the settings, states on Access your settings menu, tap ‘notifications’ then select the app you want to customize. You can choose whether you want the new banner style notifications, the old blue alerts, or none at all. You can also choose which apps you want to have ‘badges’ on.”

“On the lock screen, your chosen apps will be displayed in chronological order. The newest alerts will be at the top of the list. By sliding across on any of the notifications, you access that specific update, whether it be a calendar reminder, text message or email.”

According to the website, users get real-time delivery and read status reports next to message. “An empty speech bubble appears when your contact is typing a message. It’s actually really efficient, easy to use, and completely free. And just like the standard messaging system you can send video and images as well as text.”
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