Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Siri: Not a search technology but may hurt Google

Steve Jobs was clear last year that he didn’t consider Siri a search company, but instead an artificial intelligence company. But that doesn’t mean that Siri can’t serve as a threat to Google on iOS devices.

With the rollout of Siri on iPhone 4S, the voice-recognition and virtual assistant service is even more robust than when it first appeared last year before Apple bought the company. And it’s showing that while Siri is not search technology, when paired with other services including Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia and Yelp, it has the potential to divert significant traffic away from Google and other search engines.

Apple showed off how users can easily ask questions of Siri, anything from inquiring about the weather to getting definitions of words. They can also find restaurants and book tables if they need to, things that were available in original version of Siri. And with Wolfram Alpha integration, they can do more general web searches.

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