Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone, Android users worry about security

iOS and Android users don't seem to share the same views on much when it comes to the mobile space, but they both appear to have concerns about security threats to their devices. According to recent data from the NPD Group, users of both platforms are worried about having their credit card info stolen, device theft, hackers accessing personal information, harmful apps, and unwanted location tracking. Very few have chosen to do anything besides worry, however.

The breakdowns between iOS and Android users are similar for each security point, but overall, a lower percentage of iPhone owners expressed concern for most items than Android users. For example, 46 percent of Android owners and 38 percent of iPhone owners were worried about their credit card information being stolen. Similarly, 46 percent of Android owners and 37 percent of iPhone owners worried about hackers accessing personal information, and 43 percent of Android owners versus 37 percent of iPhone owners were worried about acquiring viruses or spyware.

Despite these slight differences, when averaged together, most of the numbers floated around the 40 percent mark (give or take) for most items in the list. NPD expressed concern, however, in the low number of users who had taken any kind of security measures—the firm said that more than 25 percent of all smartphone owners (35 percent of iPhone owners) had no idea how to acquire any kind of security software for their devices. And among those who did know but still had no security products installed, one quarter said they were too expensive.