Monday, October 10, 2011

iPhone 4S sticks with 512MB of RAM

Even with a number of improvements to the hardware within the upcoming iPhone 4S, it looks like one component that will remain the same is the amount of built-in memory.

A report from China-based, which seems to have gotten its hands on an iPhone 4S ahead of Friday's launch says that the site has posted photos and videos of the device in action, including the new Siri voice assistant.

In a post over the weekend, the person with the device also notes that the device is packing 512MB of RAM versus the 1GB some had been expecting.

While Apple has been eager to tout the technical specifications of the iPhone 4S in comparison to its predecessor, the company has not broken with the tradition of not disclosing the amount of built-in RAM in iOS devices. RAM increases in devices like the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 have led to noted improvements in multitasking, as well as keeping more Web pages open in Safari on both of these devices.