Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips for Buying a Tablet

Thinking a little harder about your tablet choice before you leap in to the shops? Here’ a simple guideline that helps you in choosing the perfect tablet for you.

Which Operating System?

Your choice of OS inform the other important decisions you need to make when differentiating between the growing numbers of tablets on offer, is probably the most important and it will likely dominate how you use your tablet once you've bought it. The choice is really between three systems: Apple's iOS, Google's Android and the BlackBerry Tablet OS. You can also buy tablets running Windows 7, but we're yet to see an example of this that has really impressed us.

Size and weight

Screen size is the main factor that determines the weight of a device, as a large portion of this heft comes from the glass used to cover the LCD panel.


Connectivity checklist: does the tablet you're looking at have the following?

• 3G or Wi-Fi only
• HDMI, and does it come with a cable?
• Micro or mini USB
• Full-size USB host port
• MicroSD memory expansion
• SD card reader slot