Monday, September 19, 2011

HP widens mobile device printing support

Although HP worked with Apple on the AirPrint system that allows iOS devices to print directly to certain HP printers and all-in-ones with the ePrint feature, the options for other devices have been more limited.

HP has now released ePrint Home & Biz, an app for Android 2.1 and later, iOS 4.2 and later, and Nokia Symbian phones that allows printing of a variety of document types to more than 200 legacy network-enabled or ePrint-capable printers and all-in-ones from HP.

Supported document types include Microsoft Office, PDF, JPEG and text. If the printer and mobile device aren't on the same local network, the app supports ePrint's remote-printing feature.

Scanning from all-in-ones is also supported on iOS and Symbian devices, providing both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

ePrint Home & Biz is available from the App Store (and by the end of September from the Australian App Store) and the Android Market. Later this year, the Symbian version will replace the iPrint Photo app currently available from the Ovi Store.

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