Thursday, August 18, 2011

HP Touchpad: another Victim of iPad’s Popularity

August 19, 2011

After its launching on June 1, HP pulled the plug Thursday on its TouchPad tablet device and plans to discontinue its WebOS-based smartphones.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker said “Our TouchPad hasnot been gaining enough traction in the marketplace. We have made the difficult but necessary decision to shut down the WebOS hardware operations” during a conference call.

Significant competition is one of the blamed factors for the unexpected shutdown plans. The company’s chief added that HP will be "exploring options" as to what next to do with WebOS.

Del Prete says of the decision to kill WebOS devices. "They decided to pull the trigger early. It was a combination that the iPad was a runaway hit and the Apple ecosystem made it hard for HP to match with its TouchPad.”