Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1960s Caped Crusaders Reunited

Adam West and Burt Ward, of the classic 1960s Batman TV series, reunited at EW’s Comic-Con lounge ahead of their appearance at the Hub’s SDCC panel on Friday evening.

Julie Newmar, one of the three actresses who played catwoman in the said TV series, was also seen in the said superhero reunion. The trio talked about a swing of topics from the evolution of the iconic Batman story including their funny moments which occurred during their days of filming.

Ward also shared how he got injured in one of the famous scenes when the Batmobile comes roaring out of the Batcave exit and hangs a sharp left. Burt said “On one of the takes, my door flew open; I grabbed the gear shift and broke my pinkie finger,” Ward added. “They said, ‘We have to get you to the hospital, but we have to get the shot first.”